Mount Royal

Conservative Association

Frank Cavallaro

Meet The Candidate

Frank Cavallaro was the official candidate for the Mount Royal riding in the 2021 federal election and is our current candidate-of-record.

Frank is a native Montrealer born and first raised in the Cote-des-Neiges borough on Barclay Avenue before moving to the Park Extension neighborhood. He attended Pius Ninth High School and then took Social Sciences at Champlain Regional College in St-Lambert. After getting his D.E.C., Frank attended University of Ottawa where he got his Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 1980.

While living in Ottawa, Frank caught the "radio bug" and got his first on-air job at CHOR, the campus radio station. 

Shortly after graduating, Frank was offered an afternoon drive on-air position at CJCW in Sussex, N.B. He played music, read news and sports, and did commercials.

From Sussex, Frank moved to Fredericton, N.B. but, soon after, he got a job offer in his hometown of Montreal at CFCF 600 radio. In 1984, he moved to Winnipeg to work on an FM radio station as an evening announcer. He soon after headed back home to Montreal and worked in a city travel agency as a travel consultant but then he got the radio urge again. Frank landed a job in Timmins, Ontario, for Telemedia. From Timmins he went to Orillia, Ontario, and shortly thereafter to Sherbrooke, Quebec; these were all Telemedia stations.

He spent over 3 years in Sherbrooke, when the Weather Network called Frank to work as an on-camera weather person in 1988. Frank also worked at Mix 96 Montreal but then got the job for which he became a household name in Mount Royal and across the Island of Montreal as the main weather presenter at CFCF-CTV Montreal for 17 years. He also worked as a roving reporter on the former Montreal Today show on CFCF. Frank would then... Read Bio