Notice of the Annual General Meeting

February 04, 2019

Dear Member,

The Annual General Meeting of the Mount Royal Conservative Association of the Conservative Party of Canada will be held at the coordinates detailed below:

Where: Congregation Chevra Kadisha-B'Nai Jacob Synagogue

            5237 Clanranald Avenue, Montreal, Quebec  H3X 1V4 (corner Isabella)

When: March 14, 2019 at 7:00 pm 


All members in good standing 21 days before the meeting have the right to attend the meetings and are entitled to vote if they meet the voting provisions of the association.


Annual General Meeting

  1. Adoption of Agenda
  2. Adoption of minutes of AGM of Monday, 18 February 2018
  3. President’s Report
  4. Financial Report
  5. Election of Directors – maximum 15 positions for the 2019-2021 term
    1. Appointment of a president and a secretary for the election
    2. Nominations [Members eligible to serve as directors must be nominated from the floor]
    3. Speeches from candidates [3 minutes maximum]
    4. Election of directors [secret vote if required]
    5. Verification of Quorum


      [ Board of Directors Meeting]
  • Adoption of Agenda
  • Election of the Executive Committee


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Conservatively Yours,

Jeff Joseph, Interim President
[email protected]